Everyone at Phoenix Psychotherapy shares the goal of bringing you services that are of exceptional quality. We hold ourselves to the highest in ethical principles, and pride ourselves in remaining at the cutting edge in research on Internet psychotherapy. The following policies have been developed so that the services we provide remain at this level of excellence.



The confidentiality of communications between client and therapist is vitally important and, in general, is legally protected. Normally, information can be released only with your written permission. There are, however, some exceptions. For example, in certain legally defined situations involving threats of self-harm or harm to another, and cases of child abuse, or abuse of otherwise dependent individuals, your Phoenix Psychotherapy therapist is required to breach confidentiality to keep yourself and others safe. For all adolescents under the age of eighteen, the parent or guardian holds the legal right to confidentiality. However, in psychotherapy with adolescents, parents will receive only general feedback unless a danger to self or others or abuse of children or otherwise dependent individuals is present. In that case, parents and/or guardians will be informed, as well as any other appropriate parties. In the case of adolescents, “danger to self” also includes the use of dangerous drugs, running away, or other dangerous behaviors. For all Phoenix Psychotherapy clients, laws of the state in which you reside shall be enforced.

In most legal proceedings, you have the psychotherapist-patient privilege to protect information about your treatment. However, certain court proceedings, actions before state boards, or other legal activity may waive or limit your ability to maintain confidentiality. If you file a lawsuit or legal proceeding in which you claim emotional damages, the information you give your therapist may not be protected, depending on what issues are raised.

We will keep confidential and safe records of each session. These records include brief notations about primary issues discussed, goals, progress, and any new issues that may be of concern. No images of any session will be stored unless a written agreement has been signed prior to the session. These images would be used for training and supervision purposes only. A Phoenix Psychotherapy supervisor will evaluate your intake information to ensure that Phoenix Psychotherapy is an appropriate service for you.

Realistically, all Internet use has some limitations to confidentiality. We have tried to prevent any breaches of security by securing our site.

Limitations of Services

Most research on the effectiveness of psychotherapy has examined face-to-face consultation in the therapist’s office. All therapy via the Internet is new, unproven, and still experimental. Because of the experimental nature of this format, we reserve the right to refuse services in those situations where therapy is inappropriate. Therefore, we are unable to provide emergency services, services between sessions, services for those under the age of thirteen, or services with clients for whom suicidal or violent thinking may be an issue. A Phoenix Psychotherapy supervisor will evaluate your intake information to ensure that Phoenix Psychotherapy is an appropriate service for you. If you have current suicidal or violent thoughts, please contact a local police department, crisis intervention service, Hospital or call 911.

It generally is not appropriate for someone to be in therapy with two different therapists at the same time. If you are in therapy with someone else, and have any questions or concerns about the therapy, please discuss them with your therapist. Under certain circumstances, we may be able to focus on a specific issue with you while you maintain your relationship with your primary therapist. However, this will require prior discussion and agreement.

At present, because of our commitment to uphold all legal and ethical guidelines, we provide therapy services only to residents in the United States. If you are a resident of the U.S., but are traveling briefly outside of your state of residence or outside of the country, we will be able to provide services to you.

Informed Consent

We at Phoenix Psychotherapy adhere to all legal and ethical guidelines at the highest levels. As a result, it is critical that we know you understand what you can expect to receive from our services. Therefore, we ask you to physically sign an “Informed Consent” and fax or mail it to us prior to the beginning of your first therapy session. Teens under the age of eighteen will require the signed consent of a parent or guardian. If the parents are separated or divorced and there is joint legal custody, both parents must sign the Informed Consent. Also, a parent or guardian will be asked to be available at the beginning of the first session to provide visual and verbal consent for treatment of adolescents under the age of eighteen.

Appointment Cancellation

When you make an appointment for therapy, we will obtain authorization from PayPal. Your charges will be charged prior to your appointment. If you need to cancel or change an appointment, you must provide us with 24 hours notice via e-mail in order to avoid a charge. Cancellations with less than 24 hours will be charged a $25 administrative fee. Missed appointments will be charged in full. However, should we determine that our services are not appropriate for you, you will be notified by e-mail and you will not be charged.

If for any reason, your Phoenix Psychotherapy therapist will not be available at the appointed time, we will offer you an alternative time or therapist. You are free to decline this offer, and you will not be charged.

Session Length

Sessions are reserved in various time increments as described in our fee section. Please be aware that sessions must end on time.

Technical Failure

Phoenix Psychotherapy is in no way responsible to any and all parties for any technical failures that occur while utilizing our site. Microsoft Windows NetMeeting, ICQ, and other are the technology behind Phoenix Psychotherapy’s conferencing. All incidents resulting in technical failure should reference the support link used

Out of Network Services

We accept out of network services from insurance companies who are willing to provide them. Full payment will be made prior to clinical session. We will provide you with a bill that you can submit to your insurance company. Please confirm with your insurance what percentage your services will be covered.

Internet "Seals of Approval"

We at Phoenix Psychotherapy abide by all guidelines for Internet psychotherapy recommended by organizations such as Mental Health Net, and the International Society for Mental Health Online.

Privacy & Security

We respect the privacy of all that visit Phoenix Psychotherapy. We do not collect information on browsers to our site. All credit card information is obtained through the use PayPal. All personal information is automatically erased from the website as soon as it has been transmitted.