Money Addictions

Provides diagnostic and therapeutic services to problem gamblers, compulsive shoppers, problem spenders and their families/friends.

Money Addictions Counseling

What are money addictions?

Mr. Slater is a author of a book on money addictions and I believe we need to overcome what Slater wrote about in 1980 — our addiction to “moneythink.” We need to rediscover that life is about choices and experiences we create, not things we buy or want to buy. In the book, Slater tells us that wealth addiction can take many forms — money addiction, possession addiction, power addiction, fame addiction, spending addiction, and in my minds eye we at MAA include problem gambling and we treat all of these issues with a fully qualified staff.

An addiction is a need that is not only

(1) intense and

(2) chronic, but also

3) feels as if it were essential to our sense of wholeness.

Addictions have to do with our feeling about ourselves: If you think you would feel incomplete, less of a person, or unable to function well without something — even for a little while — then you are addicted to that something.”

Money disorders are “hidden disorders” and also qualify as addictions. MAA at Phoenix Psychotherapy is a comprehensive Money Addictions Treatment Program.MAA is licensed through Mr. Ganzer’s credential’s and is also approved by the New York Council on Problem Gambling. MAA offers a multitude of services to the money addict, their family members, and all others in their lives who are impacted by this disorder. We utilize cognitive behavioral, rational behavioral, and 12 step approaches to treat this mental health illness.

What is our treatment like?

We are a private totally confidential non-clinic type of operation. We consider the privacy of our clients first. You don’t get mixed in with Medicaid or other dependent clients. We treat you one on one and establish a personal and specialized treatment plan for you. It’s just like private one -on-one therapy without the high cost.

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