Heiko Ganzer, Psychotherapist


Heiko Ganzer is a graduate of Stony Brook University Graduate School holding a Masters in Social Work and a Bachelors of Science from Empire State University. He is also a graduate of South Oaks Addiction’s Institute, served as a United States military advisor to South Vietnam, received an Honorable Discharge and was awarded the expeditionary medal for his foreign military service.

He has held business positions for over 20 years leading to a position of Operations Director for a fortune 500 company. Within past years Heiko changed careers and developed, designed, and operated the first state funded problem gambling treatment center on Long Island, NY. He is now doing a similar project for other treatment Agencies in New York City and Long Island. He is a certified addiction specialist, certified social worker, New York State Problem Gambling Treatment Supervisor and Counselor. Heiko has worked directly and exclusively with problem gamblers and their families for many years. He has also founded a private practice on Long Island as a family therapist dealing with relationships and addictions. Heiko has special interests in spouses of addicted persons as well as the addicted. He is on the Board of Directors for the New York Council on Problem Gambling, has presented papers nationally and locally. He participated and completed many corporate managerial courses and his office is located in Rocky Point, NY.

Media & Presentations

Heiko Ganzer television appearances:

Dateline NBC, News 12 Long Island, The Recovery Channel (Cable), NBC Extra, Lets Talk – TV special (Cable Great Neck), WPIX TV and many radio stations Nationally and on Long Island.

Mr. Ganzer presented papers, workshops, and training at:

The National Conference on Problem Gambling, Pennsylvania Council on Problem Gambling – Florida Council on Problem Gambling – Annual Conference, New York Council on Problem Gambling – Annual Conference Dix Hills East High School, Great Neck High School, Jericho Middle School, Sayville High School, EAP – New York State, Office for the Aging – Nassau County, Probation Department – Nassau County Mental Health, Nassau County EAP, Suffolk County Bar Association, Suffolk County Probation, Suffolk County Court System.

Professional Organizations/Affiliations & Awards:

  • Social Worker of the Year 2000, Suffolk County NY, NASW: National Council Problem Gambling New York Council
  • Problem Gambling – Board Member, Chair Fund Raising
  • NYS Educational Think Tank for adolescents

How I Work

I takes an attitude of unconditional acceptance. This basically means that the I hold you in high regard because you are a person, no matter what your problem is.

I try to develop a relationship with you, to help you discover what is going on in your unconscious mind. I do this partly by theoretical knowledge (academic stuff!), partly by experience, and partly through my knowledge of myself.

I know the last part must seem quite weird, but actually it is critical. I often uses how I feel in the room with you, as a guide to how you are feeling. I am, for lack of a better way of putting it, testing the relationship with you to discover more about you than you are aware of. I use interpretations, which are a way of making sense to you about what is going on, in order to help you become aware of your unconscious feelings.

So, in every session, I am trying to judge, how much you are in touch with your own feelings, what feelings you are not aware of, how close are you to knowing the unconscious feelings, how painful these feelings are to you, and how well you can tolerate the pain that becoming aware of these feelings will bring.

I hope this gives you a rough idea of how this complicated process works.